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Forensic Mental Health Program

The Forensic Mental Health Program (FMHP) focuses on the intersection between the criminal justice and mental health systems and provides evaluations and case management services.  This program works to evaluate the behavioral health needs of defendants, often making recommendation for care to the courts.  The program offers support and guidance to defendants and probationers in connecting to the community behavioral health and recovery support resources available on the Mid-Shore. The FMHP staff works closely with Judges, Masters, Parole and Probation Agents and local detention centers to assist in cases where the defendant has mental health and/or co-occurring issues. The FMHP staff can provide mental health evaluations, jail diversion plans, referral and resource connection, mental health treatment monitoring, and advocacy. Case management services are provided for diversion and monitoring cases.  

Questions? Contact:

Alisha F Saulsbury, LCSW-C
 Forensic Mental Health Program Manager
(410)770-4801 ext 315

Forensic Workgroup

THIRD FRIDAY |  MONTHLY | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Referrals to Program

Referrals can be made by judges, probation agents, Office of Public Defender, mental health providers, community members, or the client themselves.

Sequential Intercept Mapping (SIM)

In August 2014, a cross section of leaders involved with behavioral health, the judiciary, and other criminal justice systems stakeholders gathered to discuss, access, and map the services and gaps in service in the Mid Shore Region in relation to effort to divert persons with behavioral health issues from the criminal justice system. In the first gathering, members of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)’s GAINS (Gather, Assess, Integrate, Network, and Stimulate) Institute guided this process and mapped the resources/gaps at various points of intercept, from pre-arrest to re-entry/parole and probation. Together this group prioritized the most critical areas that needed to be addressed and continue to meet annually to review their progress.

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